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What Makes Us Different

Six Sigma & Lean Merits distinguishes itself by:

  1. Being one of few providers with practical Lean Six Sigma leadership experience. We do not deliver elaborate reports with recommendations; we help implement and deliver improvements.
  2. Acknowledging that each client is unique. Instead of a “one size fits all” approach, we customize Lean Six Sigma deployments to fit our client’s company culture and specific deliverables. This customization is done in close collaboration with the client.
  3. Working from the principle that Lean Six Sigma must be an integral supporting part of a company’s strategy and not a separate initiative. We recognize that there are limits to what Lean Six Sigma can bring and explore these with our clients.
  4. Putting emphasis on pro-active employee involvement, which stimulates engagement and acceptance, resulting in long-term sustainable improvements.
  5. Creating self-supporting clients by developing internal experts through our Train-the-Trainer Programme.
  6. Being fun to work with!