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Training Programmes

Practically all Lean Six Sigma deployment plans involve a fundamental training component. This is consistent with our philosophy to make clients self-sufficient and educate and engage staff in sustainable process improvement.

Since we got involved with Lean Six Sigma in the 1990s, we have trained and developed thousands of people. Our teaching methods are based on ‘action learning’ principles; tools and techniques are immediately applied to day-to-day work. Participants bring improvement projects to training and project coaching focuses on the actual application of Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques.

Our clients have provided us with the following feedback in relation to the benefits of our approach to training:

  • It’s practical and highly interactive: our training creates immediate value and inspires participants to contribute to process improvement.
  • The knowledge transfer leads to a self-sustaining problem solving capability.
  • It creates a common way of working and a universal ‘improvement’ language across the company.
  • Our training materials are customized to the client’s industry and the trainers draw on a wealth of experience from different business environments.

Six Sigma & Lean Merits offers eight training programmes tailored to different target audiences. These are described below. All programmes can be customized to the specific client’s industry and are available as on-site programmes. On-site programmes have a number of important advantages as they: allow for better discussion of confidential company issues, generate savings over costly ‘open enrolment’ courses, and enable senior management to be more easily involved.

Programme cost is dependent on the number of participants and the degree of customization required. Please contact us to discuss how we can best meet the needs of your organization.

A description of each of our eight training programmes can be found by selecting from the hyperlinks below: