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Train-the-Trainer Programme

Duration: 5 days, plus pre-work

Who Should Attend: Experienced (Master) Black Belts with an interest and affinity in delivering internal training courses.

Learning Objectives:
The purpose of our Train-the-Trainer Programme is to offer clients the opportunity to add any of our Training Programmes to their in-house training capability. Six Sigma & Lean Merits provides Trainer Certification to those participants who have demonstrated the required skills. We also offer a licence for any of our professional training materials to clients interested in delivering in-house training. The Train-the-Trainer Programme has been developed to accomplish the following learning objectives:

  • Prepare participants to become confident trainers in any of our Training Programmes.
  • Understand advanced learning principles and methods to ensure an effective learning environment for all future participants.
  • Learn key teaching skills, practice these, using actual Programme course material, and receive feedback from the instructor and fellow participants.
  • Identify skills gaps and create a learning plan to overcome these gaps.
  • How to engage participants through an optimal mix of lectures, breakout activities, business simulations and self-reflection.
  • Understand training planning, logistics and delivery management
  • Provide an opportunity to review Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques in greater depth.


  • Bottom-line results: lower Lean Six Sigma investment cost through increased self-sufficiency and less external support.
  • Improved training flexibility while developing employee skills as trainers.
  • Use of professional, high-quality Six Sigma & Lean Merits training curriculum.

The Train-the-Trainer Programme is tailored to the client’s industry.