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Project Coaching

While our Training Programmes are fundamental in achieving knowledge transfer to our client’s organisations, we believe there is no substitute for ‘on the job’ learning. During the training, our instructors provide participants with extensive coaching on how to apply and translate Lean Six Sigma tools to their selected improvement project.

After the training, first time project teams are likely to require subsequent coaching sessions to run and complete their Lean Six Sigma project. This coaching should be delivered by qualified Lean Six Sigma practitioners. If these resources are not yet available internally, we can provide experienced Master Black Belt coaches who have been certified by leading Lean Six Sigma corporations.

Our coaches are experts in the technical Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques. At the same time, they help project teams to overcome change management issues, stakeholder conflicts or problems with team dynamics. Furthermore they support teams in preparing for their management project meetings and Belt certification reviews.

While coaching sessions may vary in content, structure and duration, our project coaching tends to be split into three distinct phases:

  1. At the start, the project leader or team provides a summary of the current status of the project, including the completed activities from the previous coaching session.
  2. Jointly, we establish concrete deliverables for the current coaching session.
  3. Next, our coach will ask relevant questions to generate focus on potential next steps. This ultimately leads to agreements on who will do what and when to move towards project completion.

There are a variety of means to deliver coaching to our clients: it can take place face to face at the client’s premises or can be arranged remotely by telephone, videoconferencing or email. Most often, coaching will take place through a combination of these.

Our clients have told us that our coaching approach helps them to:

  • Maximise the value of the training investment, as it gets first-time project teams off to a fast start.
  • Save valuable project execution time, as we help teams to select the ‘right tool for the right problem’ and avoiding work on non-value adding activities.
  • Foresee and overcome potential barriers and pitfalls, thereby avoiding delays in delivering results.
  • Generate highly qualified internal coaches as we invite internal (Master) Black Belts to join and observe our coaching sessions.