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Michael Kelly

Michael is an organizational development consultant since 1989. His work supports clients in a variety of industries, including, healthcare, transportation, food services, construction, manufacturing, sales, utilities, insurance, financial services, and government.

From these experiences, Michael has learned much about the needs of employees at all organizational levels – from CEOs to first line employees. Michael’s talent is supporting these organizations, workgroups, and individuals in their quest to improve performance and achieve ever-changing personal and organizational goals.

A published author, he has also successfully developed and guided the implementation of many client-specific consulting initiatives and training programs covering topics such as Lean Six Sigma, Business Planning, Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard KPIs, Leadership Development, Team Building, Project and Change Management.

Michael received an undergraduate degree in Management from the University of North Florida and a MBA from Nova University, He has worked around the globe challenging clients with thought-provoking ideas and concepts to help them accelerate their learning and impact. Michael is both native and resident of the U.S.A., although work takes him frequently across Europe.