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Master Black Belt Programme

Duration: 10 days, plus pre-work. Each 5 days of training is separated by a minimum of 3 weeks to permit optimal learning.

Who Should Attend: Experienced Black Belts who have been selected by management to lead Lean Six Sigma across a business unit or who will be involved in mentoring other Black Belts. Master Black Belts are often those members of staff who are being considered for roles as future business leaders.

Learning Objectives:
Our Master Black Belt Programme prepares experienced Black Belts to lead, coach, mentor and educate the organisation throughout the Lean Six Sigma deployment. It focuses on building expertise in 3 areas: technical knowledge, mobilisation abilities and coaching skills. The Programme has been developed to accomplish the following learning objectives:

  • Clarify the role & responsibilities of a Master Black Belt.
  • Prepare a Master Black Belt to be an effective coach, mentor and educator to Green/Black Belts and senior management.
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of advanced improvement techniques and ‘know the right tool’ for each specific situation.
  • Obtain a fundamental understanding of leading a Lean Six Sigma deployment, project selection techniques and project performance reviews.


  • Bottom-line results: projects are completed quicker and copied more frequently across the company with Master Black Belt support.
  • Development of change agents and future business leaders who stimulate best practice sharing across the organisation.
  • Master Black Belts act as project coaches to Green/Black Belts, limiting external support and generating savings.

The Master Black Belt Programme is tailored to the client’s industry.