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Over the years, we have met with companies where improvement initiatives turned out to be unsustainable and were discarded as “flavour of the month”. Often, these initiatives started as a grass-roots effort with no ‘sense of urgency’ and no connection with the business strategy. We believe the first step toward an effective Lean Six Sigma deployment plan starts with engaging the leadership team. As part of our consulting assignment, we seek agreement across the leadership team on ‘what does success look like after Lean Six Sigma implementation?’.

Our consulting assignment does not lead to lengthy PowerPoint slide-decks or elaborate reports which do not prompt action. We deliver practical insights, based on our experience and lessons learned:

  • An assessment of the company’s readiness for implementing Lean Six Sigma.
  • Specific business areas with a high Lean Six Sigma improvement potential.
  • A deployment plan on how to roll-out Lean Six Sigma, utilize internal resources and assist you through the implementation process. This deployment plan could vary from running an initial improvement pilot to a company-wide deployment.

Often our consulting assignment includes an event to inform, involve and mobilize senior management. This can be achieved through our 1-day Executive Green Belt Programme or through facilitating part of a leadership off-site meeting on Lean Six Sigma.