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Business Simulations

Our business simulations create an enjoyable, powerful and interactive learning environment for participants. It’s an effective way to build awareness and enthusiasm for sustainable process improvement ... from members of the leadership teams to front-line employees.

All participants play an active role in a "real-life" business case and are challenged to:

  • Work effectively as a team across multiple functional areas.
  • Define customer requirements and business goals.
  • Measure their process and performance metrics.
  • Analyze any performance gaps and related root causes.
  • Improve the process through solution prioritisation and piloting.
  • Implement improvements and introduce control measures.

Six Sigma & Lean Merits has a variety of different business simulations, representing typical front and back-office processes, accommodating groups of 8 to 80 participants.

Our business simulations can be used in a variety of ways. They can be:

  • Run as a stand-alone activity.
  • Incorporated into a number of our Training Programmes, such as the Executive Green Belt and Green Belt Programmes.
  • Licensed for the client’s internal use.